Thermory Benefits

  • Function and Beauty with unmatched stability.

  • Conventional and proprietary installation methods provide seemingly instantaneous installations.

  • Harvested from renewable and responsibly harvested hardwoods.

  • Class 1 Durability Rating, resistant to rot for 25 years or more.

  • Half the weight of Ipe.

  • Easy on tooling, saw blades and drill bits.

  • Less thermal conductivity, no hot feet!

  • Nontoxic dust.

  • Green process, utilizing only heat and steam.

  • Proven experience and established European and US brand.

  • Ages to gorgeous silver/gray, even tones, no blotchy wide range of color.

  • Reduced installation time with clear grade, straight, easy to work with and our JEM Joint nearly eliminates all waste.

  • JEM (Joint End Matched) Joint

  • Our exclusive engineering allows for faster installation and reduced waste (over 97% yield). Thermory's JEM Joints span decking and porch flooring joists. Our 100% clear deck boards and meticulously straight lines, Thermory is an exterior product worthy of any interior.