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See our brand new PaCS Cladding System in action


Thermory is an established brand of exterior wood products, manufactured from North American and European softwoods and hardwoods.  Our innovative and proven technology is specifically for consumers conscious of design and function.  Creating the most beautiful, stable and rot resistant exterior woods available.  


All of our products are sorted, defected and shipped with the highest possible grade, unparalleled by any other hardwood products available.  All of our products are shipped with a 100% clear face.  Our lengths are 5’ through 16’, depending on the specific product.  All of our products are trimmed and machined with our exclusive JEM Joint.


Thermory products are not only unrivaled in aesthetics and performance, but also in environmental responsibility.  For over 15 years, Thermory has been an industry leader in thermal modification, investing in the latest technology and fostering innovation in thermo-treatment, manufacturing and installation techniques.  Thermory has reached our ultimate goal - to develop an environmentally responsible solid hardwood product that delivers unrivaled luxury and out-performs the finest tropical woods.


Function and Beauty with unmatched stability. Conventional and proprietary installation methods provide seemingly instantaneous installations. Harvested from renewable and responsibly harvested hardwoods. Class 1 Durability Rating, resistant to rot for 25 years or more.  Half the weight of Ipe. Easy on tooling, saw blades and drill bits. Less thermal conductivity, no hot feet!

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