Porch Flooring


Enhanced by our exclusive Expansion Beads™, Thermory's proprietary tongue & groove profile is an innovation that challenges the elements. Thermory's Expansion Beads™ are designed to minimize warping and buckling by compensating for environmental stresses related to moisturer.


1 x 4 (.79” x 3.5”) Tongue & Groove Profile

5/4 x 4 (1.02” x 3.5”) Tongue & Groove Profile

Proven Technology

  • Perfected European thermo-treatment technology

  • Experience in use for over 15 years in Europe and Japan

  • Over 60 million feet in existing applications

Color & Beauty

  • Rich and exotic color through full thickness of the wood

  • Finishes like any other natural wood product

  • Variations in color are natural 

  • Paintable 


  • Rearranges cell structure to reduce movement related to moisture

  • 7x less likely to warp, check, bow, cup, twist, expand or contract

  • Exceeds stability standards and relative humidity ASTM testing 

  • Reduces combustibility (Class B fire rating)



  • Class 1 durability

  • Removes wood sugars for 25+ years resistance to rot & decay


  • Chemical-free thermal modification process

  • Sourced from well-managed American forests

  • No rain forest wood