Our Process

Thermory is an established brand of exterior wood products, manufactured from North American and European softwoods and hardwoods. Our innovative and proven technology is specifically for consumers conscious of design and function. Creating the most beautiful, stable and rot resistant exterior woods available.

Our thermal process utilizes heat and steam, no chemicals. Heated to approximately 400F, while controlling the moisture content through means of steam; three important changes occur:

Color changes to resemble exotic wood tones, silky smooth brown appearance throughout the entire thickness of each piece.

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See our award winning " WAN " World Architecture News water front project in Norway

Cellular structure of the wood is altered to reduce movement related to moisture.

Rot resistance is amplified to levels unknown to North American wood species. By reducing the sugar content of wood, we eliminate the food source for mold, fungus and biological decay to deteriorate the wood over time.

We have the ability to thermally modify most species of wood although our main product lines include, White Ash and Scots Pine. Both of these species create an economically viable and green alternative to mainstream tropical woods which have no long term renewability.

We have surpassed 70,000,000 SF of product in use in nearly 50 countries around the globe. Predictable performance is assured while experience the fashion forward benefits of a modern product.