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Articles | 01/23/2018

Helsinki’s new glass-and-wood West Terminal 2

Since February 2017, the express ferry connection between Helsinki and Tallinn has been grander than ever before. Why? One, because the Tallink shipping company has put a new and larger ferry on the route. Two, the road to the new ship leads through a brand new terminal building! PES Architects was hired to create a Read More

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Articles | 12/15/2017

Have you heard about biophilic design?

Trends are often discussed after the fact, just to point out that a particular thing or style is now so widespread that everyone knows and uses it. Occasionally, though, we can bear witness to a moment where you can see the rising of a new star begin. Biophilic design has somehow managed to introduce itself Read More

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The Thermory Footprint

Thermory is committed to a maintaining a company culture of responsibility.

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Defying Convention

Break the mold with Drift, the first product in our Rebel Series.

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