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Thermory creates superior wood solutions.

Our unrivaled, proven thermal modification process uses only heat and steam to enhance the wood and provide a durable, long-lasting product with a sophisticated, refined aesthetic. Our truly natural products have no equal, and may just change the way you think about wood.

We are leaders

Thermory is driven by a desire to lead the industry in innovation and efficiency. Our standards are high, and our process has been proven by decades of consistent performance. Our commitment to quality control begins the moment the wood is sourced, and we carefully, intentionally select our raw materials. Our products are tested exhaustively and our process is overseen by true industry experts. Our strength comes from our highly advanced, efficient process and our genuine desire to create solutions.

We are problem solvers

Thermory strives to offer reliable solutions through a deep understanding of our process, products and the needs of our customers. We study the industry and anticipate needs in order to offer valuable product solutions that exceed expectations. Our process and technology create superior industry solutions.

We are sophisticated

Thermory doesn’t settle for products that are just durable and reliable, we produce products that set the bar in aesthetics and longevity. Our process completely enhances the wood, because we understand that customers deserve real-wood products that have beauty and stability in every fiber. We offer a simple product with an elegant, refined aesthetic

We are responsible

We make decisions that reflect our company culture of responsibility. Our modification process is clean, and our sourcing is sustainable and respectful of the earth. We naturally enhance wood using only heat and steam. Our efficiency and transparency, from sourcing to installation, support our dedication to responsible solutions and sustainability.

We are genuine

We approach customer interactions with integrity and honesty. We are understanding of the our customers’ complex situations and circumstances. We are genuine in our communication, and eager to accommodate their needs. Through responsive customer service, we strive to maintain and grow trust with our customers and within the industry. Thermory believes that trust is generated through transparency.

We are unrivaled

The advanced technology we’ve developed and our industry-leading wood scientists masterminding our process are changing the landscape of the modified wood industry. Our solutions and innovations are superior to the alternatives. Our passion and drive separate us in the market, and our ingenuity challenges the industry to try to keep up.