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If you’re interested in purchasing a barrel sauna or sauna materials from Sauna by Thermory, please contact Thermory USA using the link below.

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Your Location:

Your Distributor: TimberTown


15607 Grand St. Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Website timbertown.com

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Andy Dobbins

Phone 512-355-7734

Email andyd@timbertown.com

Your Distributor: Evolutia


2850 35th Ave. North Birmingham, AL 35207

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Thermory Product Specialist

Name Brad Klinner

Phone 205.259.3833

Email brad@evolutiamade.com

Your Distributor: International Wood Products

International Wood Products

14421 SE 98th Ct, Clackamas, OR 97015

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Website iwpllc.com

Toll-Free 800-875-9663

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Mike Herrema

Phone 1.360.953.0770

Email mikeh@iwpllc.com

It's your lucky day. It looks like you will be working directly with Thermory USA!

Thermory USA

56 Harvester Avenue, Suite 1-201 Batavia, NY 14020

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Thermory USA

537 W. Highlands Ranch Pkwy, Unit #114 Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

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Name Thermory USA

Phone 585.250.4074

Email support@thermoryusa.com

Your Distributor: Mount Storm Forest Products

Mount Storm Forest Products

5700 Earhart Court Windsor, CA 95492

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Website mountstorm.com

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Ed Mikowski

Phone 1.707.836.2465

Email ed@mountstorm.com

Your Distributor: Royal Plywood

Royal Plywood

6003 88th Street #100 Sacramento, CA 95828

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Royal Plywood

14171 Park Place Cerritos, CA 90703

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Royal Plywood

1600 S Hamilton St Ste 2 Chandler, AZ 85286

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Website royalplywood.com

Toll-Free 1.916.426.3292

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Larry Percivalle (Northern California and Arizona)

Phone 1.916.426.3292

Email larry@royalplywood.com

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Tom Escherich (Southern California)

Phone 1.714.521.5735

Email t.escherich@royalplywood.com

Your Distributor: Greenline West

Greenline West

6285 S. Valley View Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89118

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Website greenlinewest.com

Toll-Free 1.702.885.7478

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Sandy Jensen

Phone 1.702.885.7478

Email sandy@greenlinewest.com

Your Distributor: BlueLinx - Denver Branch

BlueLinx - Denver Branch

2000 West Oxford Ave. Englewood, CO 80150

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Website bluelinxco.com

Toll-Free 1.303.706.8179

Name BlueLinx Denver

Phone 1.303.761.9882

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Gary Wadhams

Email Gary.Wadhams@bluelinxco.com

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Jarod Bell

Phone 1.303.706.8063

Email Jarod.Bell@bluelinxco.com

Your Distributor: Russin


21 Leonards Drive Montgomery, NY 12549

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Website russin.com

Toll-Free 1.800.724.0010

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Jordan Russin

Phone 1.800.724.0010

Email jordan@russin.com

Your Distributor: Mason's Mill & Lumber Co.

Mason's Mill & Lumber Co.

9885 Tanner Rd, Houston, TX 77041

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Website masonsmillandlumber.com

Toll-Free (713) 462-6975

Fax (713) 462-6970

Email info@masonsmillandlumber.com

Thermory Product Specialist

Name Sam Damiani

Phone (713) 462-6975

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