The Thermory Footprint

Sustainability means more than “not destroying the rainforests.” Sure, let’s start there. But we like to raise the bar, not meet it. We source all our wood without destroying rainforests (or any other forests). Then we employ sustainable practices from harvest to installation to ensure we’re creating solutions, not adding problems, to our global climate crisis.

Our modification process is entirely natural, using only heat and steam.

We expertly modify each and every board we sell, and our modification process is the core of our commitment to responsibility.

We modify our wood using only heat, steam and the expert control of our wood scientists. We never use harsh chemicals or plastics.

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Global sourcing for a low carbon footprint.

Our global sourcing model isn’t just a matter of convenience. It’s a science. By sourcing from a number of different locations around the world, we can ensure we never have to push limits on responsible harvesting practices and can leave each forest healthy and thriving.

SOURCING: We believe in the preservation of natural resources, and understand how different forests and environments renew. We don’t abuse the privilege of natural wood, and we carefully source for quality and responsibility – never from rainforests.

LUMBER: Our lumber partners know that our standards are high. Our wood is carefully inspected, tested, trimmed, machined and modified before it’s sold. Our customers notice the difference.

PROTECTION: Our global sourcing model allows for insurance against environmental and biological threats, such as the emerald ash borer.

Fuel-efficient shipping: our distribution solution.

Did you know that shipping by water is twice as fuel-efficient as freight trains and nearly 10 times as efficient as 18-wheeler trucks? In fact, shipping by water is the single most fuel-efficient method. All our wood is modified in our exclusive chambers in Estonia, then shipped by water for distribution.

A sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a product that performed like tropical hardwood without the guilt of rainforest destruction or the installation nightmares?

We agree. That’s why we became the solution. Our white ash products offer the same (dare we say, better) durability and deep, rich color that’s so irresistible in many tropical hardwoods. But unlike tropical woods, our thermally modified white ash is earth-friendly, easy to install, non-toxic, and reliably rot resistant for 25+ years.

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Stop throwing away usable lumber.

Our process ensures each board is straight, smooth, beautiful and ready to use. But that’s not all. Our innovative installation solutions, like JEM Joints, drastically eliminate waste from installation. That means every board you buy is top quality and ready for use, and because joints don’t have to rest on joists, you’ll throw away very little of it when your project is complete. Our wood is too good to waste.

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Clean process. Responsible sourcing.

Thermory is driven to maintain a company culture of responsibility. We’re passionate about the environment and all the natural beauty that comes from our forests. We naturally modify responsibly-harvested wood, preserving its beauty and enhancing its durability.

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