1x4 Thermo-Aspen Kyte Sauna Wall Panels

  • application: sauna
  • use: interior
  • species: thermo aspen
  • color: brown
  • finish strength: unfinished
  • finish: unwaxed
  • texture: smooth
  • thickness: 0.59 inches
  • width: 3.4 inches
  • coverage: 3.1 inches
  • installation type: hidden
  • profile: grooved
  • installation method: staple
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Designed for Simple Installation

Our sauna wall panels come in a tongue and groove profile to make installation and alignment easy, and our bench boards can be installed with no visible screws or installation hardware. As our materials can be installed a number of different ways, we recommend consulting a licensed contractor to determine the best installation method for your project.

Maintenance & Cleaning

To best maintain your sauna, we recommend wiping the benches with a clean washcloth after every use and treating with a sauna-specific cleaning solution at least once a year.

Do not power wash or use products containing bleach on your sauna.

Heating Options

HUUM heaters are the perfect complement to your Thermory sauna, providing long-lasting heat and a stunning aesthetic.

With a strikingly minimalist stainless-steel design, HUUM heaters bring a touch of elegance to your sauna while offering a high stone capacity for a mild and continual steam.

Talk to your sales representative about your heating options.

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