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Ash Cladding 1x6 C23J PaCS (JEM)

  • application: cladding
  • use: Interior, Exterior
  • species: white ash
  • color: brown
  • finish strength: unfinished
  • finish: unoiled
  • texture: smooth
  • thickness: 0.79 inches
  • width: 5.9 inches
  • coverage: 5.6 inches
  • installation type: hidden
  • profile: c23j
  • installation method: click
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Unequalled products deserve exceptional installation solutions.

Our highly rot resistant, stunning products are also easy and efficient to install. We’ve developed innovative installation systems and methods that offer solutions to some of the industry’s most pervasive problems. More importantly, they save you time and money.

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PaCS Cladding Strips

Use only with PaCS Cladding products

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The Natural Color Evolution

While the brown color is the natural result of our thermal modification process, the silver is a result of wood’s natural aging process through exposure to the elements. UV light and rain both accelerate the aging process – the amount of exposure influences how quickly your project will age. With direct exposure to sunlight, your project may age to silver in as little as 6 months. To maintain the original color outdoors, boards must be sealed with a penetrating protective oil.

We naturally enhance wood using only heat and steam.

Our process modifies each board completely, all the way through to the core, leading to unequalled durability and stability without sacrificing the natural qualities of real wood.

THE HEAT alters the wood, enhancing it completely.

THE STEAM gives us the complete control over the process.

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Testing Results


Ash Hardness Testing

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Ash Rot Resistance Testing

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Ash Absorbancy Testing

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Ash Strength Testing

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Termite Resistance Testing

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Formaldehyde Testing

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Fire Testing

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JEM Strength Testing

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