Warm to the Possibilities

If you only know saunas for their restorative benefits, you have so much more to experience.

For over 2,000 years, sauna has been a way of life all over the world. Now, you can create a sauna culture of your own with our range of meticulously and responsibly crafted saunas.

Have a custom designed Thermory sauna built inside your home or enhance your outdoor environment with a rustic barrel sauna. Perfect for relaxing or entertaining, saunas give you a unique space to call your own and share with others.

But no matter how you sauna, once you own a Thermory, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

The Right Wood

We look no further than the birthplace of sauna culture for beautiful Nordic spruce to craft your Thermory Barrel. Unlike cedar, which can become rough and unattractive over time, Thermory Nordic spruce’s proven rot resistance and ability to withstand the elements create the perfect marriage between outstanding design and structural integrity.


The Right Way

Our Nordic spruce is harvested exclusively in Scandinavia, a region celebrated for its responsible forestry practices. And wood is the only naturally renewable building material that doesn’t generate hazardous waste. So, when you choose a Thermory Barrel – or any Thermory product – you’re investing in the health of our planet.

What is Thermal Modification?

Thermal modification is our chemical free process of enhancing wood’s durability, stability, and rot resistance using only heat and steam. And it allows for different colors within the same wood species. So, when you choose any of our thermally modified materials for your sauna, you know you’re getting only the best for your sauna experience.


Modified to Handle the Heat

Simply put, our wood handles the rigors of a sauna better than the rest. That’s because our thermal modification process naturally enhances every board to its core leading to unrivaled rot- and moisture-resistance with exceptional durability.

Real Wood Products

Made from 100% real wood


Responsibly harvested and chemical-free

Smooth finish

A splinter-free experience


Committed to environmental responsibility

Low waste

Our wood is too good to waste

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Barrel Saunas

Our thermally modified, freestanding barrel saunas are as stunning as they are durable – even in changing weather conditions.

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Sauna Materials

Show off your style with a range of natural wood panels and boards to create a unique sauna experience within your home.

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