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Golden Brown
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Scots Pine | Cladding

Naturally light color, distinctive knots, and unrivaled rot resistance (20+ years) in the softwood market.


  • Scots Pine - Softwood sourced in Scandinavia.


  • Sunlight and rain impact the speed at which our products age, but the result is always the same - elegant platinum grey.
  • Can retain Golden Brown color by treating with oil once a year.

Golden Brown (New)

The natural result of our modification process.

Platinum Grey (Aged)

Over time, untreated products age to a beautiful silver tone.

Scots Pine | Cladding Profiles

Scots Pine Cladding 1×6 C20 (JEM)

  • .79 x 5.5
  • Installation - 60mm FG screw



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Scots Pine Cladding 1×6 C20 (JEM)

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Tried and Trusted

Port of Helsinki, West Terminal 2

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Application: Ceiling
Installation: Hidden Clips
Species: Scots Pine
Designer: PES Architects
Photographer: Kari Palsila


60mm FG screw

  • Cladding
  • Porch Flooring

Press and Click Strips Cladding

The easiest, and possibly the fastest, cladding system in the world!

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